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Here at Sophia Nubes it is our intuitive nature to have balance between beauty and creativity.  Just as it is with the traditional art of cooking that we inherit from our mothers and grandmothers, we feel the difference from all that is good and nutritious to what is imperfect and too rich instead.
That is exactly the way it is for the Sophia Nubes woman, she knows it even without thinking twice about it. It is instinctual, inside her blood -  part of her DNA.
It is with the silent knowledge of the unmistakeable prestige of “Made in Italy” which cannot be taught and can never replicated. There is nothing in between – either you recognise it or you do not.
Day after day at Sophia Nubes we create working diligently - always full of creativity - always full of passion.
We create ready-to-wear distinctive pieces that are synonymous with style and grace - We are ahead.
Our fashion is inspired by an all encompassed style to make you feel alive and empowered. Easy to wear pieces that are made from high quality fabrics that make good start to every day by putting on an easy wearing suit which gives you the confidence, style and comfort to face a new and exciting day full of possibilities.
The pure and authentic beauty is the result of Sophia Nubes’ style – a real moment of our integrity.
Check in with us from time to time we love sharing everything about Sophia Nubes – who is working, who is creating and what is next. We are always ahead.
Stay tuned …...
Sophia Nubes
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